Product symbiosis in the matrix

Yeah yeah, the Matrix horse has been beaten to death by now, noone really knows what is happening and we won’t be able to tell eachother “See? I told you so” until later this year. But after having received my Animatrix DVD and looked a bit at the Enter the Matrix game, I have to applaud the Wachovski brothers.

My reasons for applause is that the whole Matrix suite (the movies, the game, the animatrix, the website) seems to be a pretty succesful experiment in creating a symbiotic relationship between different medias and products.

Eeach product adds its own little bit of extra detail and background information to the matrix saga. Each product can still be used seperatly but when seen in the big context it makes the most sense, they supplement eachother very well.

Not only does this most likely give the Wachovski a nice cashcow to milk, it also allows fans to dig deeper into the matrix universe and its philosohies if they so desire. And judging from the amount of comments and blog entries about the events in and behind Matrix Reloaded a huge deal of people do want to dig deeper.