Matrix Reloaded thoughts

So I saw the movie last night, and I think it rocks. It may not be as philosophical as the first, the plot may be quite a bit confusing and the action may more or less be repeats of things seen in the first Matrix movie, but in total I like the movie.

Right from the start you are shown that this movie has no intention of being any less spectacular than the first. Although it starts slowly, after about 20 minutes of introducing characters and places the action kicks in – and continues kicking you in the entertainment center until the end.

The action scenes are indeed spectacular and if you’re into kung fu fights and fast car chases you can’t go wrong by seeing Matrix Reloaded. I am definatly looking forward to seeing it again.

Warning, spoilers incoming. Do not read further if you haven’t seen the movie

Allow me to add some of my thoughts from last nights cab-faire home – mainly because I want to be able to go back and laugh at my ideas when Revolution is released, hopefully bringing closure:

The real world with Zion isn’t real at all. It’s another layer of the Matrix. The more I think about this the more sense it seems to make. It explains why Smith, a computerprogram, is able to infect people in “the real world”. It explains why Neo suddently becomes able to sense and influence machines in “the real world” – they are the agents of the outer matrix. It also explains why Neo is becoming able to resurrect the dead, in reality they never dies, they only die in the 2 matrices.

Creating an outer layer of matrix around the known matrix also makes sense as seen from machines. The Architect claims that the machines cannot control the humans that don’t believe in the reality of the Matrix. Creating a second layer matrix would give the machines (or whoever is really in charge) control over those inviduals by giving them a fake sense of having a choice.

Oh well, just ideas – and nowhere near original, but at least they’re mine. :)