Announcing aspTuneTracker

Inspired by a post at A Whole Lotta Nothing I decided to create my own version of his Movable Type “hack”, using ASP/VBScript (yuck) instead of Movable Type.

Since I am not interested in what I was listening to yesterday and currently only want display the song playing at this very moment, using Movable Type to display a single line of text seems a bit overkill for me.

aspTuneTracker is invoked by calling an URL with data about the tune (I am using the DoSomething Winamp plugin for this). The data is stored in a file using simple CSV for the time being.

Displaying the tune data can be achieved by instantiating the class and calling the methods manually, or by simply including the DisplayTune-script which does the above for you automagically.

Download and more information available at the aspTuneTracker project page – and as always, use at your risk.