Reinstalling at work

At last my new computer arrived at work, and I could start installing all the software-goodies I claim to need. For some reason I decided to write down what I installed and in which order, and for some even more obscure reason I am going to share that list with you – aren’t you thrilled?

I will most likely be adding small tools and utilities to the machine during the next many months, but the above should enable me to get my work done (now I only need to install a motivator in myself then I’m settled).

One notable thing I have deliberatly skipped installing so far are the various programs I use for my own pleasure – ie. The Bat for checking my mentalized-mail and mIRC for general chatting purposes. In some vague way I hope this will improve my efficiency a bit, although I have always been under the delusion that it didn’t decrease by having those programs installed (and running). I guess time will tell.