Guns, girls, and gadgets

Die another day, The latest chapter in the tale of the never-aging, british agent James Bond delivers. It has everything I expect from a James Bond movie; Intense action, beautiful women, evil super-villains, and hightech devices.

Pierce Brosnan makes a great James Bond, and along with the rest of the actors, he delivers his lines as credible as the predictable and deliberatly misunderstable dialogue allows.

One thing that pleased me alot seeing, was the fact that Bond gets to use his delicious Aston Martin to its fullest. In the previous movies he seemed to rely on his car solely for transportation - which is a damn shame when your car is fitted with missiles and ejector seats. That is remedied in Die Another Day in a most impressive manner.

You won’t leave the cinema feeling any wiser after seeing Die Another Die. It is a fastpaced action movie and it does exactly what it is supposed to: It hits right in the entertainment-center of the brain.