Blogging tools for Windows

Davids recent post about Blogging from Espresso had me wondering what kind of tools like that are available for the Windows platform. Movable Types page with external resources had links to a few win32 clients (and some for OSX and others). I decided to give them a trial run.


w.bloggar is freeware, weighs less than 2MB, and supports a multitude of blogging software. Setup went smooth and I was able to post after a few minutes. You can create new posts or edit your existing ones in colorized HTML before saving them locally or remotely.

The built-in FTP client for uploading files is easy to use, but unfortunatly makes it hard if you want to upload files to a directory other than the standard directory.

So far, w.bloggar seems like a great little tool. I’m wonder how it performs offline (for blogging while messing around on a non-802.11 laptop), alas it looks like it only supports one locally saved post - I will have to test this though.

Added January 06, 2003: It seems like something goes wrong when rebuilding entries from w.bloggar. The plugins I use for formatting text doesn’t seem to be applied properly. I wonder if this is a problem with w.bloggar or the Movable Type XML/RPC?


blogBuddy is an even smaller download than w.bloggar (less than a half megabyte), and it does seem to be lacking some of the graphical bells and whistles of w.bloggar. Setup took me a little longer than I could’ve wished for, mainly because the UI isn’t as intuitive as that of w.bloggar.

Featurewise, blogBuddy is also somewhat light. You can create and edit posts in plain HTML, but there’s no preview pane and the HTML-helpers are limited. I am also missing the ability to save posts locally. Comparing blogBuddy and w.bloggar isn’t entirely fair though, as blogBuddy has yet to reach version 1, and w.bloggar is at version 3.

Added January 06, 2003: It seems like my plugins are also getting ignored when posting from blogBuddy. I need to go to my Movable Type installation and rebuild the site from there in order to get my line breaks properly converted.

Any others?

A quick look at Movable Types page with external resources only revealed these two tools for Windows, while a bundle was available for OSX. What else is out there?