...Would you like bugs with that?

Sigh, the year 2003 sure starts interesting. One of the developers we have used in building an important tool for our website apparently didn’t have enough confidence to believe that his work would be used for more than half a year.

At leasn’t he didn’t bother to create a date-recognizing algorithm that accepted years after 2002 as proper dates, so when my boss tried running the tool on his first day at work in the new year, it broke. 1 minute later I get torn out of my warm, cozy bed about an hour before planned and had to go through his crappy code to fix his thoughtless bug before I even got my first cup of coffee. Not surprisingly, the regex “19\d\d|200[012]” does not cover all possible years.

Gee, a year 2003 bug, and it’s all mine, I’m so pleased.