And so christmas came to pass

Christmas is over for now, and as usual I celebrated the festivities in the safety of my familys embrace. 3 days of eating, drinking and talking to people I spend too little time with during the rest of the year.

To me that is what christmas is all about; Spending time with loved ones, allowing yourself to get fat and tired and generally getting away from the daily routines we are so accustomed to for the rest of the year.

Luckily the children in my family are now so old, that the christmaspresent frenzy has faded, giving the rest of plenty of time to finish the desert, drink the last glass of wine and put the last word into a heated debate, before we have to move to traditional singing of songs around the christmas tree. The evening ends with everybody, mainly the younger cousins robbing the christmas tree of the treasures hidden beneath it in colorful paper.

By now, the religious subtones of our christmas celebrations have carefully been weeded out, turning the christian worshipping of a distant, so-called son of God, into a far more enjoyable celebration of family and companionship.

Merry christmas.