Some spammers don't even bother...

SpamAssassin caught yet another spam-mail for me today. I am pretty sure I have never seen spam score this high (22.80 points):

SPAM: Content analysis details: (22.80 hits, 4 required)
SPAM: TO_MALFORMED (-0.8 points) To: has a malformed address
SPAM: USER_AGENT_OE (-0.3 points) X-Mailer header indicates a non-spam MUA (Outlook Express)
SPAM: MIME_ODD_CASE (3.5 points) MiME-Version header (oddly capitalized)
SPAM: FROM_MALFORMED (2.2 points) From: has a malformed address
SPAM: INVALID_MSGID (1.2 points) Message-Id is not valid, according to RFC 2822
SPAM: SEARCH_ENGINE_PROMO (2.9 points) BODY: Discusses search engine listings
SPAM: EXCUSE_7 (2.6 points) BODY: Claims you can be removed from the list
SPAM: EXCUSE_3 (1.9 points) BODY: Claims you can be removed from the list
SPAM: REMOVE_SUBJ (1.7 points) BODY: List removal information
SPAM: JAVASCRIPT (-1.4 points) BODY: JavaScript code
SPAM: HTML_FONT_COLOR_RED (-1.2 points) BODY: HTML font color is red
SPAM: BIG_FONT (-0.4 points) BODY: FONT Size +2 and up or 3 and up
SPAM: HTML_50_70 (-0.1 points) BODY: Message is 50-70% HTML tags
SPAM: SPAM_PHRASE_13_21 (3.0 points) BODY: Spam phrases score is 13 to 21 (high)
SPAM: [score: 17]
SPAM: HTML_FONT_COLOR_BLUE (0.8 points) BODY: HTML font color is blue
SPAM: MAILTO_LINK (-0.6 points) BODY: Includes a URL link to send an email
SPAM: JAVASCRIPT_UNSAFE (-0.3 points) BODY: Easily-executed JavaScript code
SPAM: FORM_W_MAILTO_ACTION (2.4 points) BODY: Includes a form which will send an email
SPAM: MAILTO_WITH_SUBJ (1.7 points) URI: Includes a link to send a mail with a subject
SPAM: DATE_IN_FUTURE_06_12 (1.7 points) Date: is 6 to 12 hours after Received: date
SPAM: MISSING_MIMEOLE (1.6 points) Message has X-MSMail-Priority, but no X-MimeOLE
SPAM: CTYPE_JUST_HTML (0.7 points) HTML-only mail, with no text version