My wishes for christmas

Dear Bill, if I could have 2 wishes granted for christmas, I would like to have the following features added to Internet Explorer:

Cascading Style Sheets, level 2

The CSS level 2 recommendation is dated 12th of May, 1998. It seriously pains me, that the worlds most used browser does not fully support a 4 year old standard – A standard that adds a lot of benefits over the aging CSS1.

Proper PNG support

It is true that IE can display most PNG images just fine, alas it is lacking the part of PNG that makes it really interesting to me: Alpha blending PNG images. It amazes me that a browser like Mozilla renders PNG images with alpha channels perfectly, but the worlds largest software company apparently isn’t able to take the step that could rid the web of gif-files.

(Well, I do have more wishes than these, but today these two are the ones I needed)