Adjusting ergonomically

In an attempt to make my working enviroment more ergonomically pleasing, I (quite literally) laid my hands on one of those curved keyboards, that are supposed to be more healthy for your arms and hands. I swear, the transition phase is going to take a while.

I have never received any formal training in typewriting, but I have learned to write at a decent pace over the years using my own system, which I suppose is a decent approximation of the usual 10-finger system. And that is all it is, an approximation, and it seems my new keyboard is determined to keep reminding me of that. It is divided into two blocks of keys, one for each hand. This probably makes a lot of sense for people using the correct 10-finger system, but for people using the Jakob-10-Finger Systemtm it gives all kinds of problems, like instead of hitting the y-key, they hit nothing but thin air. I simply cannot force my right hand to be in charge of pressing the y or h.

We’ll see how long before I give up because of this and return to a standard keyboard, and in the meantime I am happy I am not trying to get used to one of these keyboards.