Reporting live...

Woo, Internet-access from a public library in California - long live the information highway ;)

We have arrived safely at LAX and spent the first couple of days in Los Angeles, doing all the standard tourist-stuff like visiting the walk of the stars on Hollywood Boulevard, Venice Beach, and ofcourse visiting Universal Pictures (that place is awesome).

We then headed south towards the Mexican border and stayed right outside San Diego with a day-long trip to Sea World, watching the famous dolphin- and killerwhale shows. Now we’re getting ready to head through the Mojave Desert on our way to Las Vegas.

So far, I’m liking it a lot - great weather, not one single boring moment (apart from the 12 hour flight here) and always something new to see and do. Stay tuned, more info coming at a later point.

NB: I apparently messed up when I left, and I cannot access my email address. However, any mails sent to instead has a remote chance of being read and answered - if God and public libraries will ;)