Yum, this spam is fresh

We all know them, and we hate them all: Emails in your inbox advertising everything from “Get rich in 5 minutes”-schemes to penis-enlargements and “free” busty blondes.

Unfortunatly I am a gullible fool and have a tendency to post my email address all over the internet and sign up for all kinds of services. “Oooh, become a user - click-clickety-click-submit”. Heck, I like people being able to get in touch with me, even people I do not know, but I do not want to have to scuffle through myriads of spammails to find the one interesting mail that day.

So I decided to start fighting back instead of forever silently deleting unwanted mails. Luckily my email provider gave me the opportunity to have my email account moved to a mailserver running SpamAssassin, a rule-based spamfilter. All I need to do know is to sit back, setup a filtering rule in my email client which could move all spam to a seperate folder, delete it, reply calling the sender a lameass goatwanker, forward to Spamcop or some blacklist or whatever I desire.

Most important, I can go through the spam when I feel like it and do with it what I deem necessary. Last night I did my first submission to Spamcop. It locates email adresses, builds and sends complaint-mails to administrators, all while protecting my precious email address. Even though I realize my reporting efforts most likely are in vain, I had a smug grin on my face when Spamcop reported: “Yum, this spam is fresh”.