Blogger season

The hunt for the perfect blogger has started. Initially I used blogging-software made in ASP/VBScript (I have forgotten name and URL and I am too lazy to look it up, sorry) as I am running this site off a Windows-server ::shiver::

Luckily a mate (the same person who got me into this blogging-business) had enough wits to suggest that I installed perl and Movable Type on the webserver. The installation went surprisingly smooth (thanks to IIS answers) and Movable Type is now up and running.

I must admit, this is a really sweet piece of software and beats my old blogger by several lengths in all aspects. It is an relative easy installation, usability of the backend is pretty good, it’s visually pleasing, it outputs almost valid xhtml and it has all the functionalites we’ve come to expect from software like this - and then some. Thumbs up!